Which is the best option for you – Hair weaving or hair transplant?

Hair is regarded as an exceptionally significant part of the human body to complete its beauty. People have different types of hair depending on where they live in nature. For example, wavy and dull black hair is common among those who live in the tropical zone. People who live in cold climates, on the other hand, are more likely to have brown or blond hair.

As time goes on, people are increasingly dealing with hair loss, baldness, and a receding hairline. For example, when you take a shower, it’s normal to have some hair fall. Different researches say that a guy can lose about 50 to 100 hair follicles regularly. It is natural.

But when the hair fall exits this limit, it can lead you to baldness. If not baldness, then you can experience a receding hairline or thin hair density. It is the reason people in Pune frequently make mistakes while choosing the most appropriate treatment for hair loss and baldness.

This blog will discuss two significant ways of treating hair loss complications, i.e., hair weaving and hair transplant treatment in Pune.

Let us begin with the causes of hair loss and baldness:

Several reasons are there behind your uncontrolled hair loss. These include –

  • Inherited through genes.
  • Scalp contamination, dandruff
  • Imbalanced eating habits
  • Stress and hormonal malfunction
  • Consumption of junk food and smoking

Remedies that are natural or home-based:

There are just a few arrangements available, and it is unclear if they will genuinely address the basis of the problem. So, it would help if you took some time to research the various treatments option available for you.

However, there are several methods; let us first understand the differences between the two boss treatment options: hair weaving and hair transplantation.

Hair Weaving Benefits and Drawbacks

It is a hair combination that is done deceptively. It is commonly referred to as “hair extensions.” The hair can be stretched or developed with the help of this method. It makes use of either synthetic hair or natural hair acquired from different persons. It is one method for improving the appearance of your hair.

It is a temporary solution for male pattern baldness. The hairs form without the globule and never expand as a result. These hairs are not for the long term. After a month or two, these hairs fall from the scalp. It is attached to the scalp with the help of a sedative paste. If you use this therapy, your hair filaments will suffer some damage as well.

As a result, your hair transplant surgeon in Pune advises that this procedure is not the best option for you. It’s also not practical if you want to go for a more natural look.

Transplantation of hair – benefits, and drawbacks:

This method has become popular due to lower expenses. Hair follicles are plucked from the donor site to the bald zone known as the beneficiary site with the help of this surgical approach. Your doctor will not use skin grafting as a method here. Other than that, your doctor may perform FUE, DHI, and different non-invasive ways of hair transplantation. Now, let us have brief information about the different hair transplant types.

FUE: Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, is a procedure that removes individual hair follicles without any strip cut in your scalp.

FUT: Follicular Unit Transplantation, or FUT, is a procedure that involves the transplantation of follicular units. In this case, your doctor will cut a strip from the back of your scalp.

DHI: Direct hair implantation or DHI is a modern variation of the FUE procedure. In this method, your doctor does not perform the extraction or implantation independently rather than using a motorized punch tool to perform the surgery.

Whatever the method your hair transplant surgeon performs, the result is lifelong. For a long time, you will profit more in comparison to other treatment procedures. Even the hair transplant cost at La Densitae in Pune is easily affordable. It is just a one-time investment only. Hair grows back from the follicles in a natural way.

So, it is very clear from the above discussion that hair transplant treatment is far more effective than a hair weaving treatment for you in the long run.



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