How effective is a body hair transplant to head?

Fighting the massive hair loss and baldness has become a reason to worry for many people these days.

People are tired of using over the counter products to control their hair loss. However, the hair transplant treatment is the best solution in comparison to any other treatments. The main thing you will require to have a successful hair transplant is the healthy hair follicles in your donor area.

But many people do not have an adequate amount of hair follicles in their rear portion of the scalp. In comparison, they have a sufficient number of healthy hair follicles in other parts of their body. Hence, a body hair transplant seems to be a good option for them.

Our hair transplant surgeon in Pune generally do not prefer hair transplants utilizing body hair if your scalp has sufficient hair follicles. Still, hair transplants using your body hair is acceptable in the following cases:

  • The number of hair follicles is not enough in the donor region of your scalp.
  • Your hair follicles’ quality in the donor region is not so good for use in your bald scalp.
  • There is a scar in the donor region of your scalp due to any previous incident.

In these cases, there is no other option than extracting your body hair for the treatment. However, before going for your body hair, we always try to get healthy hair follicles from your beard region.

Eventually, your beard hair has similar characteristics to your scalp hair. If you have plenty of hair follicles in your beard area, then we prefer to use them.

In the case of a body hair transplant, the more hair density you have in your body parts, the more it makes you qualified for the treatment.

The method we use in hair transplants utilizing body hair is as same as any other hair transplant treatment.

In normal cases, we extract healthy hair follicles from your donor region of the scalp. In body hair transplant surgery, we extract hair follicles where you have thick hair density. Here we apply local anesthesia to ease the pain.

We prefer to use a punch tool for extracting hair follicles by the FUE hair transplant method. Then we make pockets on your bald scalp and implant the extracted hair follicles one by one.

The treatment is time-consuming because it requires high precision of the doctor.

Even the body hair transplant cost in Kerala at our clinic is easily affordable.

Now let us see the effectiveness of body hair transplant treatment.

Though there are few issues related to body hair transplant treatment yet, people in Pune are availing the treatment for the following reasons.

  • When your scalp does not have enough hair follicles then, your body hair is the best option.
  • You can use your body hair to get a beautiful hairline. But keep in mind that you should use the body hair with your scalp hair for the hairline. It will provide you with a better finish.
  • As most of your body parts stay covered under clothes, no one can see the scar due to hair extraction. Even you are availing of a strip surgery, and no one can see the mark.
  • Again, your body hair works very well as a filler to increase your scalp hair density.

You can avail our body hair transplant in Kerala, Aurangabad, Nanded at an affordable cost.

Now a few cones you should know before opting for a body hair transplant treatment. 

Other than your beard hair, there are some significant differences between your hair on the scalp and hair in your body parts. The most influencing factors are the condition of your newly transplanted hair like

life cycle, texture, and quality.

  • The quality will be different from your scalp hair.
  • The length of the newly transplanted hair will never be the same as your scalp hair.
  • The texture and thickness will be different from your natural scalp hair.
  • Whatever the density of your body hair is, we have to use them for good coverage on your scalp.

If you are planning to undergo a body hair transplant treatment to know about your hair transplant cost in Pune, contact us here.

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