Difference between hair extensions and hair transplant

Do you feel disappointed by seeing the beautiful and stylish hair of any celebrity?

Do you feel that your genetic structure is not that good to have beautiful hair like a star?

However, in many cases, the celebrity or star may be having hair extensions.

You can have hair extensions or a hair transplant treatment in Pune to get the beautiful hair you have wanted for so long.

We can see hair extensions that are made from both human and artificial hair. Here the price of human hair extensions is a bit higher than the artificial extensions. The cost of human hair extensions is higher because of the smooth and silky texture. Along with that, human hair extensions match your natural hair properly.

On the other hand, if you use synthetic hair extensions, you will see that they do not properly match your natural hair. Though it is inexpensive yet, trying human hair extension is preferable.

You can use both types of hair extensions just by attaching them to your natural hair when required.

If you are using fusion hair extensions, they are very expensive and can last up to four months. In contrast, the Tape-in extensions are not that much costly.

Now let us see the benefits and drawbacks of hair extensions: 

Hair extensions are a perfect way to give your hair extra density and length. You can either mix them with your normal color or add a new stripe if you like. They are straightforward to use for styling like your normal hair.

When brushing your hair, be careful and do not pull them. You can use them for the long term by braiding them loosely before sleeping. Again you can use a different kind of pillow.

Since your extensions’ weight adds to the stress on your natural hair’s roots, it is essential to fit your hair extensions’ density with your hair.

If your hair extensions’ density is more than your natural hair, it can damage your natural hair. Excessive use of extensions, cornrows, and tight braids, mainly if used over a long period, can cause traction alopecia.

You should be careful while choosing your hairstylist for adding hair extensions. As an experienced hair transplant surgeon can provide you the best treatment for hair fall, you must go to a professional hairstylist. Only he or she can suggest you a suitable hairstyle and perform the procedure without any complications.

Hair Transplantation: The Low-Maintenance Choice

The only disadvantage of using hair extensions is hair loss or thinning of hair. Hair extensions require a regular application, which is time-consuming. Along with that, the process requires huge expenses for a long time.

A hair transplant is the only way to obtain long-lasting, maintenance-free healthy, and lengthy hair. The treatment is minimally invasive and takes four to eight hours to complete. However, you may need to take proper care after the treatment, yet it is a one-time procedure.

Our master hair transplant surgeon removes hair grafts from the rear parts of your scalp and transplants them separately into thinning or balding areas. It is perfect for restoring a receding hairline or covering the crown portion. The hair transplant in Pune is one of the most effective solutions to treat alopecia.

While performing the hair transplant surgery, we apply local anaesthesia to your scalp. It helps you to get rid of any irritation during the surgery.

So, you do not need to worry about pain. As we perform the surgery with the FUE method, there is no need to cut a strip from your donor area. So there will be no scar on your scalp.

It takes a few months for the new hair to regrow the newly transplanted hair and takes nearly one year to see the complete result.

So you do not have to do anything after having the hair transplant surgery. There are no more appointments, no more expensive therapies, and no more concerns about yanking the brush too hard.

Along with these, the cost of hair transplants in Pune is easily affordable than the other providers. You can avail of our instalment facility as well.


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